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Aggressive Perfection

Welcome to the Aggressive Perfection Guild Site

We have merged with vanguard due to lack know of members and some other unforeseen circumstances. Please contact cakeboss or outcast for an invite if you would like to go over to them. Thank you. .

Try to get yourself raid ready. We plan on starting Gilded Prophecy soon
Dps should be able to pull constant 600 dps since most bosses have timers. 
Make sure you have 200 hit minimum, but 220-240 would be preferred. 
       Casters and healers should have 1000 Spell power.
Tanks Toughness capped at 150, and should have over 10k health.
Any questions please free free to contact any of the officers. Let us know if
theres any particular instances you need run for gear.

Dps doesnt meen everything, buffs to the raid, aggro management tools and general 
knowledge of your class, the surrounding and boss fights are essential.
Theres guides to all raids in the forums so please look at them so you know the fights
if you are planning to raid.Having a ranged , melee and support class will be important to have.
some fights are not melee friendly and sometimes we will need you to support.
 Thank you

We just upgraded our ventrilo server. Feel free to donate a few bucks a month to help saize out.

Boss Loot Tables

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Raid and Dungeon List

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Expert and Raid Requirements

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